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Shining Bright Together: Eco Cheeks' Support for Starlight Day

Here at Eco Cheeks, we're on a mission to be more than just another company, by being part business and part social enterprise, through our charitable donations. From day one, we've been dedicated to being a force for good, both socially and environmentally, right here in Australia.

Our sustainable commitment goes beyond our bamboo tissue rolls. We're proud to stand alongside GreenFleet Australia and the Starlight Children's Foundation, contributing 2% of all our sales to support their vital work. But our vision and sustainable commitment don't stop there. As we continue to grow, we aim to increase our support and reach out to make more contributions dedicated to positive change.

Eco-friendly Charitable Donation on Starlight Day | Eco Cheeks

Joining Forces with Starlight

When a child faces a serious illness, their world often revolves around hospitals and treatments, which can be daunting and all-consuming. This is where Starlight steps in. By fostering play, creativity, and social bonds with their Captain Starlight, they provide the joy and comfort that seriously ill children and their families require to navigate through their most challenging moments.

Partnering with the Starlight Children's Foundation aligns perfectly with our values. Together, we're spreading love, laughter, and boundless positivity to children and families facing tough times.  

As you see, it's not just about eco-friendly charitable donations; it's about standing shoulder to shoulder, bringing joy and hope to those who need it most.

The Significance of
Starlight Day

Starlight Day, celebrated annually and this year is on May 21st, shines a bright light on the heartwarming work of the Starlight Children's Foundation. For over three decades, this foundation has been dedicated to bringing joy and hope to seriously ill children and their families across Australia. From creating playful environments in hospitals to fulfilling wishes and granting unforgettable experiences, the foundation's mission is all about spreading smiles during tough times.

This special day isn't just about fundraising; it's a celebration of resilience and community spirit. Through creative events, donations, and social media buzz, Starlight Day brings people together to make a real difference in the lives of sick children. It's a reminder that even in the face of illness, there's still room for laughter, love, and boundless positivity!

Eco-friendly Charitable Donation on Starlight Day | Eco Cheeks

Our Commitment

The presence of happiness plays a big role in uplifting the spirits of sick children during hospital stays and treatments - more so than you might imagine. It enhances their resilience, aiding them in managing pain, fear, isolation, and stress more effectively. By supporting Starlight, we know we’re making a meaningful impact on the lives of seriously ill children and young individuals, both presently and in the years to come. After all, ultimately, happiness is the greatest gift we can offer.

Sustainable commitment is at the core of everything we do. As a brand committed to eco-friendly practices and social responsibility, we're passionate about leaving a positive impact on the planet and our communities through donations to Starlight Children's Foundation.

Supporting Starlight Day Together

Your support matters. Every purchase you make at Eco Cheeks helps us make a difference. By committing 2% of all our sales—not just profits—to organizations like the Starlight Children's Foundation, we're actively contributing to positive change. It's not just about buying toilet paper; it's about investing in a brighter, more compassionate future.

Eco-friendly Charitable Donation on Starlight Day | Eco Cheeks

Join Us in Spreading Joy

As Starlight Day approaches, let's come together to spread joy and celebrate the resilience of seriously ill children and their families. Thank you for being part of our journey towards a better, brighter tomorrow. Together, we can shine a light of love, hope, and joy into the world.
Let's shine bright together.

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