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This little exploring, outdoor loving family have a passion for clean living and wellness.  It’s been a journey of constant learning and taking small steps of change along the way.  Motivated to become more sustainably conscious and create a safer environment for her son, Tanya made a personal commitment to remove unnecessary toxins from their home. 

She discovered that chlorine bleach was used to whiten some toilet papers, which can create dioxins a known toxin that causes reproductive and infertility problems in adults, damage the immune system and interfere with the endocrine system.  No matter the level of danger, she thought it was crazy to be putting it on one of the most absorbent areas of the body.  Why take the risk for white paper?  She set out to find an alternative, and although some products use EFC (elemental free chlorine) which is deemed to be a safer method, a degree of chemicals are still used in the manufacturing and ultimately the end product.  With nothing on the market 100% free from all types of chlorine bleach, Eco Cheeks was born. 

When it came to deciding on what material to use, bamboo was the easy choice! Bamboo is such an incredible product for so many reasons.  It's beautifully soft and strong, with no compromise on quality.  Being a huge nature lover and knowing that by choosing bamboo it would help preserve our precious forests, it was a no brainer.  Find out more about why bamboo here.

With the belief that safe and sustainable doesn’t have to be serious, she developed a cheeky brand that has fun with bums and celebrates the wonders and beauty of nature.



We are passionate about health and preserving our beautiful planet.  We want to provide safer, more sustainable options when it comes to everyday disposable products. Globally we have the ability to create safer products that are better for us and the environment without compromising on quality, and that's what we promise to deliver to you.  

Safe. For you, your family & our Earth. Zero nasties!
Sustainable. Save our forests. Bamboo is the worlds fasted regenerating plant.
Sassy. Come on we’re talking about bums and cleaning all day! We’re allowed to be cheeky!

Zero nasty chemicals.  Zero plastics.  Naturally luxe bamboo disposable products.