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Hey, we're Eco Cheeks.

We make 100% chemical-free bamboo toilet paper and tissue products that are safe, soft and sustainable. Good for you. Great for the planet.

We deliver direct to your home, your workplace, or your tourism business. Keen to become a stockist or business partner? Learn more.

We use 100% FSC Bamboo. The #1 choice for your #2 (and the planet). 

With Bamboo, you can wipe away your environmental concerns. Technically a grass, Bamboo is a totally renewable resource, one of the fastest-growing plants in the world [some species grow up to a metre a day!], and can be harvested year on year for up to 70 years! On the other hand, hardwood trees require 30-40 years to mature and can only be harvested once.

Bamboo is also super soft, strong and naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Learn more.

We’re 100% Chemical-free. A safer way to wipe.

We think we look great without the bleach. Unlike conventional toilet paper and tissues on the market, Eco Cheeks products are not bleached and don’t need the aid of additional chemicals to give them physical strength, softness, or absorption.

We’re proudly 100% free from nasties like chlorine, bleach, formaldehyde, hydrogen-peroxide, fragrance, BPA and other irritants and toxins. Learn more.

We’re Award-winning. Just Sayin.

We think we’re the #1 choice for your #2s - but don’t take our word for it. Eco Cheeks won ​​the Clean + Conscious Editors Choice Award 2021, which celebrate products that are safe, ethical, sustainable, and responsible products. 

Meet Tanya. The Eco Cheeks Chick. 

An environmentally conscious mother of one and lover of a pun. Motivated to create an eco-friendly and safer environment for her son Alfred, Tanya has set out on a mission to remove unnecessary toxins from the house and home. 

When Tanya started researching Toilet Paper, it really bummed her out. [Pun intended!]

She discovered that chlorine bleach, when mixed with paper pulp, creates dioxins [toxins known to cause reproductive and infertility problems, damage the immune system and interfere with the endocrine system] and was used to whiten most toilet paper on the market!

The idea that people (her family included) were wiping their cheeks, the most absorbent area of the body with chemicals and toxins - was crazy. There had to be a better way to wipe, and with nothing on the market 100% free from all types of chlorine bleach, Eco Cheeks was born. A safe and sustainable alternative for you and the planet.