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For us to produce the healthiest toilet paper for people and our planet, hands down the best material is bamboo.  Find out why here

At this time, Australia doesn't grow bamboo on the scale required to produce any bamboo products.  In the development faze, we researched this thoroughly speaking to farmers to understand why and we also investigating the option of importing the raw material to have it made it here.  Unfortunately it wasn't possible, we therefore had to make the decision to manufacture abroad. 

We didn't make the decision lightly and selecting our manufacturer was a rigorous process.  It took over 5 months as it was imperative to find one that held all the highly regarded certifications to ensure the company works ethically and environmentally.

Our manufacturer is located in the Shandong province of China and specialises in the production and exporting of toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, facial tissue and other products.  They have been in operation for over 10 years with a focus of reducing environmental impact and creating healthy green products.  Over this time they have been recognised as a respected enterprise who acts with integrity and professionalism.  The company holds the following certifications:

By finding a supplier that met all of our requirements, it gives us confidences and a good conscience that employees and the environment are well looked after.  We have developed a trusting relationship with our supplier.  Communication is clear and constant, and we have absolute faith in the choice we have made.

If you have any questions at all with regards to our manufacturing process, please each out at