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Lets put 2020 and now 2021 panic buying aside, and discuss why buying toilet paper online and having it delivered to your door in Australia is easy and convenient.  Here are 6 reasons you really should... buy toilet paper online and join the 'movement'!

  1. No more juggling!  When you’ve got a big load... ops… we mean the big pack of toilet paper, you really limit yourself to being able to carry anything else.  So, unless you’re planning on eating nutritious toilet paper for breakfast, lunch and dinner… get it delivered!

  2. Avoid embarrassing moments at the shops. Although we’ve made toilet paper look better than it ever has, there is nothing hot about being seen with a pack of toilet paper in hand. Running into your boss, your neighbour or that little crush with your arms loaded with butt tickets, gives them the visual you’d rather they didn’t have... get it delivered.

  3. Buying in bulk. You’ll be amazed at how long a carton of 36 double length rolls will last you. Less fights with less changing of the roll, less waste from the extra cores and less reordering... get it delivered.

  4. Surprise delivery! Let’s all agree, no matter what is arriving, we all love seeing a carton waiting for us when we get home. Go ahead, treat yourself... get it delivered.

  5. Multi Task!  It's so easy to order TP online.  You can click, click, click while you're doing your morning business.  Easy... get it delivered.

  6. Never run out! These days we all have more than enough to think about and remember. TP is important, but we think you should save that mental capacity for other more important things. Set your subscription to as often as you like then leave the rest to us we’ll make sure... it gets delivered.

So there you have it!  Many benefits as to why ordering toilet paper online and home delivery is the way to go.  But if you're still wondering why you should switch toilet paper... this article will help you.

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