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Sorry, but we won’t be having a Black, Green, or Brown sale this weekend - not this year, and not next year.

This is because we don’t believe in the idea of consumers needing to make panic decisions, as time or stock is running out.  We feel it can be a click frenzy of deep discounts (or perceived to be) urging us to “save” by spending more. 

Here are a few reasons why we don’t feel the need to participate:

1. Our Business and Values

We may do little events throughout the year, but it’s based on our values and building a sustainable brand.  We’re not seasonal or impulsive, so we’re not going to convince people to buy more than they need.  Thankfully toilet paper panic buying is behind us now, so we don’t need to encourage toilet paper hoarding either.

It’s what works best for our business’s ‘bottom line’, and we would rather add value for the customer than simply slashing prices to move inventory.

2. Our products

We pride ourselves on making the most quality and sustainable toilet paper and tissue products, that we don’t need to force people to buy with a discount.  Our products are loved by our customers (just check out our reviews!), so we don’t feel the need discount to sell.

3. Environmental impact

The increase in spending and consuming, means more products being manufactured and shipped worldwide. Black Friday’s carbon footprint is huge!  According to one report, Black Friday 2021 in the UK alone was expected to emit 386,243 tones of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 215,778 flights between Sydney and London, or the same weight as 3,679 blue whales.  Woe…!

In addition to this, there is the waste of unwanted, unneeded clothes and items which were impulse bought, which just end up in landfill.

4. Slow-vember

We want to promote conscious and ethical consumption, which means there’s no rush in making a purchase.  Slow down, and weigh up if you need our products.

Our brand is about lightening our footprint as much as possible, and a big factor of this is reducing our consumption.  Patagonia made a bold move publishing a full page ad saying ‘Don’t Buy This Jacket’ about this exact thing.  You can read about that here.

5. We don’t want the stress

Selfishly, we don’t want the stress of ensuring discount codes are working, websites aren’t going to crash, overloaded customer service, and panic stations on Monday trying to fill as many orders as possible.  Instead, we want to continue with the stability of our brand, and keep everyone sane and happy, rather than stressing over a short-term peak in sales.

And this is not to say other small, independent, and ethical brands offering discounts aren’t doing the right thing. Each to their own, and we all need to do what fits with us and our values and we support whatever that looks like.  We’re also not saying, to not engage in these sales at all. If you need something, buy it, and try to buy the best version of it. But if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. 

Our recommendation is to spend your money on experiences and making memories, rather than buying things.  And remember we have the power as consumers to push for positive change with more than just our spending.

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  • Wow! Brilliant… very well said!


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