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The small on eco gift giving.

Ahhh Christmas… the season of giving!  What a great time to treat your loved ones and treat the planet at the same time.

Whether it be stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, secret Santa or an extra sum-sum for someone special, don’t leave your loved ones stuck with things they’re not going to use.  Put some thought in and give practical reusable gifts.  Here’s our pick on buying small Earth friendly goodies from Australian owned businesses, this Christmas.

1. Soy candles
Lift anyone’s home with one of these gorgeous scented candles from @drifttradingco.  With a clean, non-toxic burn.  They have a huge range of fragrance blends to suit all moods and locations of the home.  Using 100% natural soy wax which is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.  Lemongrass & sage is my pick but sticking with the theme they have a white Christmas fragrance available.  One you’ll want for your own stocking.
2. Bamboo toothbrush
Keep everyone’s pearly whites beautiful and bright, whilst reducing plastic waste. They are perfect to slip into stockings. One of the best things about choosing bamboo toothbrush over plastic, is that you can compost the toothbrush when finished.  Jump over to for a these beauties with really cool pattern designs.
3. Reusable wine tumbler
Give the gift that keeps giving… well you must keep refilling it yourself, but you can use it over and over, and over again!  Proving that sustainable is stylish, these reusable wine cups from @mstipsycups are sexy and in the hottest colours.  Keeping drinks hot or cold longer and spill free.  Treat yourself and get one too!
4. Reusable cutlery
Especially for those who eat takeaway regular, ensure they’ve got a set of these this Christmas.  There are many options available with stainless steel, wood, bamboo or even corn and soybean.  They can be foldable or include chop sticks, a straw and straw cleaner.  We love the guys over at @lapanda.  Their kit has everything you need, made from our favourite material bamboo and packed in a neat organic cotton pouch.
5. Reusable produce bags
I’m sure you’ve all got your reusable shopping bags, but has everyone got their reusable produce bags yet? This has been my favorite sustainable swap this year. You can get them in organic cotton or recycled PET bottles.  My personal pick are the ones from @ecobits.  Made from 100% rPET bottles, they come in packs of 4, in 3 different sizes.  Super lightweight, strong and have a nice silky feel.  I love these so much that when I have to pick something up last minute and don’t have them with me… curse words literally come out!   
6.  Chocolate 
What’s Christmas if there’s no edible treats!?  If you can resist not eating these yourself, pop some delicate chocolates into stockings for guaranteed happy faces!  The guys at @planet.cocoa have nailed sustainable and environmentally friendly as everything is vegan, ethically sourced and eco-conscious down to the packaging.  
7. Safety razor
Here is another great way to help the planet and reduce plastic.  Safety razors are stunning, plastic free and give you the closest shave. Ps – don’t forget to order the blades (like I did)!  Although a hard decision, we love the colourful selection available and while you’re there check out their other goodies.  Everything they have are perfect stocking stuffers.
8. Beeswax Wraps
One of the easiest swaps we can all make is to start using reusable wraps instead of plastic wrap, and one of the best alternatives are beeswax wraps. We love what the Devine family who live off-grid have created at @bee_eco_wraps. Bespoke art work, GOTS certified organic cloth and a unique blend of natural ingredients create a malleable and sustainable wrap.
9.  Reusable straws 
“It’s just one plastic straw” said 8 billion people.  That a lot of plastic!  This party season get everyone ditching the plastic and sipping sustainably with reusable straws.  There are so many options!  They can come in stainless steel, silicone, bamboo, reeds and sugar cane.  Then there are different colours, sizes and lengths to suit your beverage of choice.  For a huge range check out @activatedeco.  Ps. The stainless steel ones are great in summer with cold drinks as the straws get super cold too!
10. Toilet rolls
Thanks to the virus that shall not be named, certain buzzwords like UNPRECEDENTED have seen an unprecedented spike in common usage. Just like 2020 has seen an unprecedented amount of attention on toilet paper. There is no other year like the present to be stuffing everyone’s stockings with the already beautifully wrapped unbleached bamboo rolls from @eco.cheeks.  Getting yourself a carton of 36 rolls means the perfect gift for your household and plenty to gift everyone from teachers, to neighbors, to your pets! 
Extra bonus points – free wrapping paper!  Reuse that beautiful paper, add a little tie and you have Christmas all wrapped up.

** BONUS – I could go on as, but I will stop at 11.
Small, slender and sleek is the good ol gift voucher. Perfect for stockings, popping in the mail and you don’t have to tackle the crazy shopping centers.  Just like 2020 is the year to gift toilet rolls, really treat someone with a gift voucher for their own carton… which as you could imagine, doesn’t quite fit into a stocking.  These are now available @eco.cheeks

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