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Lives in:  The east coast of Tasmania

Over or under?:  Over

Folder or scruncher?: Folder

Surprising fact about yourself: I did a trek through the Amazon to raise awareness against deforestation

Easiest eco/sustainable tip/swap: Reuse! Everything you purchase think about how you can reuse it before purchasing it!

Nicole is the epitome of simple living and how easy it is to reduce toxins around the home.  She is all about researching, understanding, and then educating what is hidden in products and the impacts these ingredients have on our health.  It’s one thing to say, don’t use this, don’t use that, but Nicole also shares simple and cost-effective ways to DIY and make all your own products.

In this video, Nicole shares her findings of the surprising chemicals used in the production of toilet paper and why it’s so important to avoid them. It’s a lengthy one, but well worth the education she shares to help us make better, informed choices.

Thanks Nicole, you continually educate and inspire us. @thesimplegourmetmamma