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"I've always gone by the saying ‘once we know better, we must do better.’  It’s something I carry with me in all areas of my life in how I treat my fellow humans and animals.”

Animal lover, protector and enthusiast 🤍

Lives in:  Melbourne, Australia

Over or under?:  Over… always!

Folder or scruncher?: Folder

Surprising fact about yourself: short but strong, my personal best deadlift is 165kgs.

Easiest eco/sustainable tip/swap: reusing all jars from food to use in the pantry and then reducing waste by filling up at bulk food stores.

Mon has been living a vegan lifestyle for 3 years now and through that journey, learnt that not all toilet papers were vegan.  That’s right, lurking in some toilet papers can be animal ingredients like gelatin to bind the fibres, while other TP’s are made by companies that still engage in animal testing. 

“I came across Eco Cheeks when I was looking at sustainable Australian businesses on Instagram and I haven't looked back since.  It has ticked all my boxes being vegan and cruelty free, it’s a much bigger and thicker roll than conventional rolls and it’s the only one that hasn't fallen apart when wiping.  A box lasts ages! I think it’s great value compared to others I’ve tried.”

Mon doesn’t miss walking down the toilet paper aisle and says “I love having it delivered in bulk without all the plastic.  But, even more than all of that, I love how you can purchase the rolls naked.  It’s true, beige really is the new white in TP."

It’s good to know that if you want vegan toilet paper, you don’t need to be wiping with a lettuce leaf and Eco Cheeks have your cheeks covered. 

We're also very fortunate to have Bob, Mon's sweet black and white pooch, as our very own mascot.  Thank you Mon and Bob for the love and support.  

Click the picture to meet our Bob! (sound on) ⬇