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MIND | BODY | SOUL | SKIN - health & healing with Beauty Tofu


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Melanie de la Reta of Tofu Beauty.  A natural skin and health brand, inspired by Ayurvedic which looks in, not just out to get our natural radiant glow.

Beauty Tofu… love the name!  Please give us a little introduction to yourself and what inspired you to create the brand.

My journey hasn’t been so easy it’s been sometimes very hard and for many years, nothing came easy. I can honestly say becoming the woman I am today took all of my strength, courage, and its actually been quite a long journey to self-love, somewhere along the way beauty tofu was born. I have experienced many lessons, good and some not so good as we all do personally and in our careers/journey. I found a purpose with Beauty Tofu it really is a lifestyle/foundation to health more than just a product to me and I’m humbled when my customers, clients, students feel this too. I’ve realised that it's really important to be authentic and honest and it starts within yourself. 

I see you pull inspiration from Ayurvedic.  Could you explain what Ayurveda is and what it means to your products?

Ayurveda is lifestyle to whole health and healing.  Mind | Body | Soul

I really believe to heal, even our skin we must work internally from diet to emotionally wellbeing.  Beauty Tofu was always meant to be more than just a product it embodies wellness, ritual and self love all packed into a bottle.   When you use our products I hope not only are you creating a ritual of selflove but also starting or continuing on your journey of whole healing.

Where did your knowledge and passion for Ayurvedic stem from?
After years of research, study, trainings and commitment to an Ayurvedic lifestyle and ultimately a desire to heal myself.

You recently had a little baby human… how are you balancing businesses and baby?
It’s been a wild balance that changes day to day. I am a solo mother and incredibly grateful for each day. I am definitely a mother first and I feel beyond blessed that Beauty Tofu provides me with not only being able to be a conscious present parent but also own a conscious business with conscious consumers/green girls.

What’s next for Beauty Tofu?
We are opening a Retreat & Professional Green Girl Training School in the Great Barrier Reef & will be launching more products for Mama & Bebe Tofu.


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